Visa & Immigration

Why Us?

The Orchid Tours and Travels Visa and Immigration services has for long been perceived as one of the best migration specialists in western India. The sheer devotion, painstaking quality and tender loving care that we convey to the table has impelled the organization to the highest priority on the rundown of anybody wanting to travel to another country. We have been helping understudies and experts move abroad for near two decades now. Over the years we have figured out how to outperform a large portion of our rivals as well as raise the stakes as far as the administrations gave.

Our services are not focusing on just one time help and provide our assistance even after you reach foreign shores. We do help landing you the first job, temporary accommodation and other guidance which is required to settle down in foreign country as quickly as possible.

The Orchid Tours and Travels additionally gives a large group of helper administrations to guarantee that our customers don't have to fumble looking for other specialist co-ops. We have a large group of post-landing administrations for our customers to guarantee that they don't need for anything. With best in class framework, refreshed and educated help and administrations that are always side by side of evolving directions, we ensure that your procedure goes off easily.

We provide immigration assistance for countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand & EUROPE.

Indeed, even subsequent to getting the visa there still remain various different parts of the procedure that should be dealt with before you can continue with your movement. Let be honest, the way toward moving to another nation is intense, notwithstanding when you have figured out how to get your migration procedure finished up. The Orchid Tours and Travels guarantees that this change is smooth for you. The customer should confront no problems as far as all the numerous subordinate undertakings that still stay even after the movement procedure is finished. We have arranged an assortment of post-visa administrations for our customers for even after they achieve their coveted goal.

Our post visa services are mentioned below and not just limited to this:

  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Foreign exchange
  • Post landing services
  • Accommodation